Stay Protected from the Cold Weather with Hi Vis Clothing

by HiVis365 Team


With the temperature lowering, we cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that you are protected when working in the cold weather. Layering up with high visibility clothing is one step that you can take to not only ensure that you protect your extremities from the cold and stay warm, but also help you to stay seen and safe on the job site. Whether you're a snowplow operator ensuring that our streets are maintained and safe or a police officer responding to a motor vehicle accident on a cold winter night, the gear that you select to equip yourself with will help to determine your safety.

There are many factors that determine the level of cold stress that you face at work including wind chill, temperature, wetness, exhaustion, per-existing medical conditions, physical condition, and of course not being adequately dressed for the weather. Every step that you take to reduce your exposure to the cold, can only further your safety and now is the ideal time to gear up before the temperatures drop further!

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