Now Offering Heated Clothing from Gobi Heat!

by HiVis365 Team

Gobi Heat Heated Clothing

HiVis365 is pleased to announce that we now offer a full selection of heated clothing from Gobi Heat including rechargeable heated jackets, vests, gloves, socks, and pants designed to provide you with superior warmth in the cold weather, allowing you to carry on your adventurous lifestyle with comfort.

Our selection of Gobi Heat heated clothing feature multiple heating zones for maximum heat as well as multiple heat settings for adjustability that allows you to adjust the heat to your desired level of warmth, bringing you the greatest amount of comfort with ease. Not only do Gobi Heat products provide you with exceptional heat, but they also provide hours of heat on a single charge and Gobi Heat stands out because the batteries are super compact, sleek, and so thin that you won't even notice that they're tagging along with you on your adventure. Gobi Heat also kept safety in mind, with waterproof and surge proof features and an emergency auto-shut off function to keep you safe.

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