Southern Glove SIG006G Fluorescent Green Sarco Impact Gloves, Dotted Palm

Southern Glove SIG006G Fluorescent Green Sarco Impact Gloves, Dotted Palm

Southern Glove SIG006G Fluorescent Green Sarco Impact Gloves, Dotted Palm

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The SIG006G Fluorescent Green Dotted Palm Sarco Impact Gloves combine high visibility with an orange dot canvas outer for increased abrasion resistance and enhanced grip, along with the impact protection that the Sarco Impact Glove is known for. Built for the oilfield, construction, and rigging industries, the Sarco Impact Glove serves to minimize injuries to the back of the hand, fingers, and thumb while at work and it does a great job in doing so.

For years, the Sarco Impact Gloves series of impact gloves has been a trusted name in hand protection and the secret is it's unique thin Gen3 3rd Generation sewn in pad that has been continuously improved to keep you protected on the job. The Gen3 pad features major flex points for increased finger flexibility, sewn in construction to prevent slippage, and a superflex cut that increases the total comfort without compromising the protection that this glove offers.

When Southern Glove submitted the Sarco Impact Glove to an independent lab for testing, it's no surprise that the Sarco Impact Glove came out on top. The independent study found that the peak force experienced by the hand during impact is nearly three times less than that of the competition and similarly when it came to peak acceleration, the Sarco Impact Glove again was around three times more protective in terms of impact protection than that of the competitors.

That is why across the nation, the working person entrusts their hands with Sarco Impact Gloves, with over a million pairs sold nation wide and the success is overwhelming, with one drilling contractor reporting that their company-wide hand injuries were reduced by 70% after switching to Sarco Impact Gloves.

You're in good hands with the Sarco Impact Glove -- well, you're in good gloves when you choose Sarco Impact Glove that is!

  • 6 Pairs*
  • Orange dot canvas outer
  • Fluorescent green fingers
  • White poly knit wrist
  • The Sarco Impact Glove can be used in a myriad of harsh environments where hand protection is crucial.  Ideal for the oilfield, construction and rigging industries.

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